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ORES 2010 Cross Country
State Championship Results



1st Place: Justus Tiawah with 36 points

2nd Place: Woodall with 120 points

 1st place individual:  Jacqueline Hummel from Oakdale with a time of 8:53

2nd place individual:  Bailey Steckline from Justus Tiawah with a time of 9:08

 3rd place individual:  Kambri Gabel from Middleberg with a time of 9:19



1st place:  Woodall with 76 points

2nd place:  Peggs with 89 points

1st place individual:  Terrance Nofire from Dahlonegah with a time of 7:55

2nd place individual: Alberto Ramirez from Briggs with a time of 8:20

3rd place individual:  Ross ? from Peggs with a time of 8:24