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Of the

Organization of the Rural Elementary Schools


ARTICLE I.               NAME


            The organization shall be called the Organization of Rural Elementary Schools.  (ORES)


ARTICLE II.              PURPOSE


            The Purposes of this organization shall be as follows:

  1. Promote unity among the K-8/K-6 School Districts of Oklahoma and provide for their welfare.


  1. To educate the public on the importance of the continued operation of all K-8/K-6 School Districts.





  1. Active membership shall consist of K-8/K-6 School Districts in the State of Oklahoma who pay annual membership dues.  Superintendents understand that ORES is not a school organization, but an organization that has K-8/K-6 School Districts as voluntary members.


  1. Only Superintendents of active member schools are eligible to vote.


  1. Only superintendents of member schools are eligible to hold office.


  1. Annual membership dues shall be set by the Executive Committee.  Dues are payable at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Membership to ORES may be revoked or sanctioned due to inappropriate behavior by a member school or actions that are not consistent with the goals and intent of ORES.  Member schools must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by ORES.




  1. There shall be two annual meetings of the organization during the school year; said meetings shall be held on the last Friday in September and the last Friday in March.


  1. Other meetings may be called by a majority of the executive committee.







  1. The officers of this organization shall be President, seven (7) regional vice-presidents, and a secretary-treasurer.


  1. The president and secretary-treasurer shall serve two-year terms.  The president and secretary-treasurer will be elected during the Spring Meeting on odd years by eligible members in attendance.


  1. Each regional vice-president shall serve two-year terms.  The regional vice-presidents will be elected during the Spring Meeting on even years by eligible members in attendance.


  1. The terms of office shall begin at the close of the annual spring meeting when elected and shall end at the close of the annual spring meeting following two consecutive years after the election.


  1. Nominations for president, secretary-treasurer, and vice-presidents shall be made from the floor and the voting will be by counting hands of the member superintendents.  Votes may be made by secret ballot if a motion is made and seconded and the majority of members present concur.


  1. When any officer ceases to be employed by a K-8/K-6 School District, he/she immediately forfeits his/her office and can be replaced at the discretion of the President until the term expires.  If the President ceases to be employed by a K-8/K-6 School District, the officers may replace the President with a Superintendent from the ORES membership to serve the remainder of the term.





  1. The president shall be responsible for leading and directing a program of activities designed to achieve the purposes of the organization.  He/She shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the executive committee, serve as a member of the executive committee, give timely information to the membership, and perform such other duties as are prescribed by the constitution.


  1. The vice-presidents shall serve as members of the executive committee and in the absence of the president shall choose a superintendent from member schools to act as president.  In case of vacancy of the president’s office, they shall again select a superintendent from an ORES member schools to fill the unexpired term.


  1. The secretary-treasurer shall keep the records of the organization and of the executive committee, receive funds of the organization and disburse funds in coordination with the President.  He/she shall prepare and present to the president and vice-presidents a bi-annual statement showing all financial transactions of the organization, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the executive committee.  The bi-annual statements will be presented to the vice-presidents for the purpose of auditing all expenditures and revenues of ORES.  This auditing procedure will take place twice a year preceding the annual Fall and Spring Meetings.




  1. The executive committee shall be composed of the president, the vice-presidents, and the secretary-treasurer.


  1. Five members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


  1. The duties of the executive committee shall be:
    1. To serve as the board of directors of the organization.
    2. To recommend policies for the consideration of the membership.
    3. To fill unexpired terms of the executive committee in case of vacancies.
    4. To authorize payment of general funds from the treasury outside any meeting.
    5. To designate the place of meetings and to call special meetings.
    6. To be responsible for planning programs for meetings of the organization.
    7. To select special committees, such as a legislative committee to keep the membership informed of needed action.
    8. To recommend amendments to the constitution of this organization.



ARTICLE VIII                      ACTIVITIES




            The purpose of the ORES activities is as follows:  (1) To create a positive atmosphere of competition between our ORES schools, (2) provide an avenue to showcase the talents of our students, and (3) provide a positive public relations campaign for our school.






            ORES sponsors the following State Playoffs for K-8/K-6 School District members in good standing:  Academic Buzzer-Round Competition, Academic CLASSIC Competition, Softball, Football, Basketball, Cross Country & Track.




            K-8/K-6 School Districts that wish to participate in a particular ORES event must first pay membership to ORES and then pay the fees to enter such event.  Member schools do not have an inherent right to participate in any ORES Activity.  Member schools that do not adhere to the guidelines, rules, or acceptable standards of behavior for the competitions may lose their privilege to participate in the ORES activities.  It is also understood by ORES schools that all ORES activities are invitational events, and that an ORES school may lose the privilege to participate in ORES activities if the behavior of the individual school or superintendent of that school warrants this revocation.




            Rules/Guidelines for each activity will be developed by the Activities Committee in coordination with the ORES officers, and made available to ORES schools in a most proficient manner, whether it be through the ORES website, email, or fax.


Activities Committee


            The ORES Activities Committee will be made up of four members: the ORES President and three members appointed by the ORES President.  The ORES President will use due diligence to appoint members that represent different geographic areas of the State.






            ORES appreciates the sponsorship of its activities by various vendors and entities.  The intent of the sponsorship is for advertisement and support of our students and activities, not provide an endorsement from ORES.





Activity Funds


            The President, coordinating with the Secretary-Treasurer, is responsible for the disbursement of funds for ORES activities.  Revenue from Activities will be tracked in a separate accounting fund from revenue from ORES membership dues.  The ORES Vice-Presidents will have the responsibility of auditing the revenues/expenditures from the activities on a bi-annual basis.




            ARTICLE IX.            AMENDMENTS


  1. All proposed amendments to this constitution shall first be presented to the executive committee in writing for their study.  The executive committee shall recommend or not recommend such change and present to each member the proposed amendment in writing not less than 30 days prior to the regular meeting.


  1. All amendments recommended by the executive committee shall be voted on by the membership.  A majority vote of the members present shall be necessary for the adoption of an amendment.





John Cox

Dr. John Cox

ORES President




K-8/K-6 School Listing:


East VP:   Superintendent

Peggs, Briggs, Lowrey, Shady Grove, Norwood, Woodall, Tenkiller, Grand View, Maryetta, Zion, Dahlonegah, Peavine, Rocky Mountain, Skelly, Greasy.  (15 schools)


Northeast VP:   Superintendent

Justus-Tiawah, Osage, Spavinaw, Kenwood, Wickliffe, Leach, Moseley, Turkey Ford (K-6), Cleora, Allen-Bowden, Gypsy, Lone Star, Pretty Water, Jennings, Keystone, White Oak.  (16 schools)


East Central VP:   Superintendent

Whitefield, Ryal, Stidham, Wainwright, Liberty, Twin Hills,                 Frink-Chambers, Haywood, Krebs, Tannehill, Belfonte, Brushy,         Marble City, Moffett, Hodgen, Monroe, Shady Point, Fanshawe.               (18 schools)


Southeast VP:  John Smith, Forest Grove Superintendent

Grant, Swink, Denison, Forest Grove, Glover, Holly Creek, Lukfata, Albion, Tuskahoma, Nashoba, Cottonwood, Farris, Harmony, Lane.  (14 schools)


Southwest VP:  Gary Wade, Grandview Superintendent

Zaneis, Grandview, Bishop (K-6), Flower Mound, Whitebead, Terral, Mannsville, Ravia, Greenville, Byars  (10 schools)


North Central VP:   Superintendent

Kildare (K-6), Peckham, White Rock, BeardenAvant, Anderson (K-6), Bowring, Osage Hills, McCord (K-6), Pleasant Grove (P), South Rock Creek, Justice, Bearden, Milfay, Oak Grove.  (15 schools)


West VP:   Superintendent

Banner, Darlington, Maple, Riverside, Plainview (K-6), Friend, Middleberg, Pioneer, Crutcho, Oakdale, Optima (K-6), Straight (K-6), North Rock Creek, Grove, Robin Hill, Braman.  (16 schools)


Membership Form 2018-2019


ORES Schools