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History of ORES


ORES was founded in 1984. Originally the Oklahoma Organization of Dependent Schools, ORES is the oldest rural school organization in Oklahoma. The organization has maintained as its primary goal the promotion, protection and preservation or rural elementary schools. Former presidents have been Harlan Parsons, Dale Smith, Mike Lackey, Randall Erwin, Bill Horton and Pat Howell. Presently, Dr. John Cox, Superintendent of Peggs Elementary School, is the organization's president.

ORES represents all rural elementary schools statewide. Leaders of the organization are active participants in various other state organizations and committees giving ORES constant, up-to-date information with regard to subjects of critical nature in relation to rural Oklahoma elementary school districts.

In this chaotic era of school crisis including crime, student safety and the need for general basic common sense child development, rural elementary schools continue to be the lighthouse providing what we all agree is the often missing ingredient for all children, a safe, comfortable, personal learning environment.

Rural elementary schools are at the heart of Oklahoma education with their roots dating back to before statehood. These schools have provide the basic education for governors, State Senators, U.S. Senators, State Representatives, U.S. Representatives, judges, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, teachers, factory workers and a multitude of other quality individuals. Rural elementary schools must continue to be the fiber binding communities together. ORES pledges to continue striving toward the preservation of rural elementary schools and communities.

Interesting Facts

Statewide, rural elementary schools receive twice as many incoming transfers as they send out.

Over the past ten years, rural elementary schools have experienced a 24% increase in enrollment. During the same period of time, the total number of students statewide has only grown by only four percent (4%). This is clearly and indication rural elementary schools are the people's choice.

Statistics indicate virtually no incidents of violence in rural elementary school as well as tremendously low dropout rates.

Student Performance

Students from rural elementary school are continuously top performers in academic competitions statewide.

Rural elementary school graduates are often top students at their receiving high schools, frequently becoming valedictorians and salutatorians of their senior classes

Many of our athletes go on to be leading performers on high school teams and likewise have gone on to successfully compete at the post secondary level.