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State Softball @ Seminole

D3 9/15/22 D2 9/16/22 D1 9/17/22

Cross Country @ North Rock Creek School

2022 ORES State Cross Country Meet October 7, 2022 at North Rock Creek School

Football Championships @ North Rock Creek School

2022 ORES State Football State Championships October 29, 2022 @ North Rock Creek School Shawnee

Academic Buzzer @ Shawnee

Academic Buzzer Competition 12/2/2022

Basketball Tournament @ Shawnee Area

2023 State Basketball Tournament February 9-10-11, 2023

Archery @ North Rock Creek School

2023 State Archery March 3, 2023 @ North Rock Creek School

Academic CLASSIC @ Shawnee

2023 Academic CLASSIC March 25, 2023

Track @ North Rock Creek School

2023 State Track Meet April 21-22, 2023 @ North Rock Creek School


2022 Cross Country 


ORES State Cross Country Meet Friday, October 7
North Rock Creek High School
Race Times (All races/all divisions are 1.5 miles)
Division 2 Boys 11:30 am

Division 2 Girls 11:50 am

Division 1 Boys 12:10 pm

Division 1 Girls 12:30 pm
Enduro Timing

 On your ENDURO USA Main Roster window, the ORES state meet will be listed in the right column. There will be two choices: Division 1 or Division 2. Be sure to select the correct division for your school.
NOT ---
Entry Procedure: All entries must be completed online at:
Be sure to verify your athletes. If you do not already have an account, you will need to visit "ENDURO USA" - - - ( After you set up your account, email Cara Branson ( In your email, list your school, the roster(s) you need (boys and/or girls), and the name of the previous coach. Please do not wait until the last minute to contact Cara.
Bus Parking
Bus parking north of the gym, facing west along the north curb. Or west of the gym, facing south along the west curb. Teams can walk north up the grass pathway west of the baseball field.
Team Tents
Teams may set up tents south of the start/finish area or on the football practice field.
Spectator Parking
Spectator parking in the big paved lot between the football field and the gym. Spectators enter through the iron gates at the athletic complex, then walk north and west between the softball and baseball fields.
Adults: $6 Students: $6
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to a great day of ORES competition!
Mark Bowlan
ORES Activities Committee
  Registration: DEADLINE is Thursday, October 6th, 5:00 PM
 Entries after the deadline will
be allowed.


Cross Country 


Div I:

Oakdale, Lone Star, Grove, Justus-Tiawah, Maryetta, Grand View, Briggs, Krebs, Woodall, Brushy, Zion, Friend, Tenkiller, Pleasant Grove, Keystone Robin Hill, Pretty Water 

Div II:

Denison, Middleberg, Rocky Mountain, Hodgen, Peggs, Holly Creek, Darlington, Dahlonegah, Anderson, Cleora, Bearden, Stidham, Monroe, Shady Grove, Fanshawe, Justice, Bell

2022 Football




Div I:

Grove, Justus-Tiawah, Maryetta, Grand View, Briggs, South Rock Creek, Woodall, Lukfata

Div II:

Liberty, Zaneis, Brushy, Allen-Bowden, Zion, Tenkiller, Pretty Water, Rocky Mountain

Div III:

Jennings, Peggs, Moffett, Holly Creek, Darlington, Dahlonegah, Norwood, Moseley, Forest Grove



Membership Fees and Activities Paid Lists

as of 10/04/22

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2022 Fall Conference

Date change

Conference is September 30






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Basketball Games Allowed Per Season

16 games and 1 tournament

14 Games and 2 tournaments

13 games and 3 tournaments




    • Students who choose to attend a dependent school district, or who attend because their parents reside within a dependent school district, prior to matriculating to high school, are held to the same limitations for participation as those students who attend school in an independent district.
    • Once a student enters the 7th grade, he or she is allowed six consecutive years to participate in interscholastic athletic activities.  By OSSAA Rule, students who repeat 7th or 8th grade are not permitted to participate during the repeat year, even if they did not participate during the initial 7th or 8th-grade year.  If a student attending a dependent district repeats 7th or 8th grade and is allowed to participate, it will be counted against their eligibility limitations.  Potentially this could eliminate the student from participation during one of their high school years.
    • We ask that you counsel any student and his or her family on these limitations if a repeat year is necessary.


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2022-2023 Information

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